A Silent Voice (2016 IMDb)


Seen in 2017.




A bully in the last year of elementary school crosses a line and sees his life crash so hard he’s still struggling in high school.


The most curious choice here is the inclusion of Shōya’s sister’s husband, the Brazilian Pedro, in just two shots. This indicates a somewhat rushed kitchen-sink adaptation of the comic by Ōima Yoshitoki. Pedro’s daughter, Maria, never makes it past the level of a comic/cute relief character, always being in a good mood and wearing crab-themed clothing with matching upturned braids resembling crab claws. I would have appreciated yet more realism there, and in the character design. Notice how the tag in Shōya’s t-shirt is always sticking out over the back; it’s the same gentle yet obvious type of stylization as in the live-action Blue Blazes (2014).

References here: En betraktelse av A Silent Voice, Kromatisk aberration för effekt, Shōyas femtonde april, Trygghet i ett paraply.

Japanese production Yamada Naoko animation movie