Futurama (1999) IMDb


A racier retro-SF analogue of The Simpsons (1989), sharing its creator, character design style, occasional musical performances, and totally inconsistent degree of serialization. The animation relies partly on cel-shaded CGI.


A pizza delivery guy in his mid twenties falls into a cryotube and is flash frozen on the eve of Y2K. Defrosted 1000 years later, he quickly adjusts to a far future world from his Gernsbackian childhood fantasies, a New New York of robots, aliens and affordable sidewalk suicide booths.


There’s a good edge at first, and some gold (Zoidberg, Nixon, “I’m a gigantic brain”, brilliantly smooth metafiction), but the series jumps the shark in season four with “A Pharaoh to Remember”, plodding through its last episodes—these include a whole season—in the standard American quagmire of “wacky” melodrama and discontinuity. Don’t listen to the fanboys who say it was cancelled ahead of its time. It would have been better off dying young, with planning.

References here: Disenchantment (2018).

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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs (2008) IMDb


More of the same, for better and worse.

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