Highschool of the Dead (2010) IMDb


Pulp zombie apocalypse, including moments of pretty serious horror, but with massive T&A, featuring big-breasted zombies getting blown away in small arms fire, and a shot of a girl’s underwear as she is being eaten by zombies in the first episode.


A Romero-like virus suddenly breaks out around the world. A few survivors from a Japanese high school band together and kick ass.


Non-stop fun in very bad taste. Many of the softcore elements are tongue-in-cheek, others not so much. Good animation quality and some good music.

The feelgood schlock factor is undermined by some bad physics and general ignorance. One bullet-time sequence shows a gun geek firing what appear to be hypersonic bullets from a .38 police revolver (not likely) and then saying “Double tap!” after hitting two zombies with one shot each, which is not a double tap. A drug reference (man with a metal marijuana leaf in his necklace, rare in anime) is strongly negative (rape crazy), and the politics are ridiculous. The US President is told to nuke the world for no reason and anyone opposing the police and its violent methods is apparently a pathetic lunatic.

References here: School-Live! (2015).

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