O-Bi, O-Ba - The End of Civilization (1985) IMDb


Seen in 2018.


Nuclear holocaust fiction.


One year after the war with the Booroos (Borås?), a military officer who has helped invent a myth of salvation for the 850 survivors tries to secure a future for the prostitute he loves by convincing an engineer to repair their nuclear shelter before its dome caves in under the pressure of the snow.


Combining the aesthetics—particularly the colours—of On the Silver Globe (1988) and the humanist intelligence of Letters from a Dead Man (1986), this is more heavily compressed. Every shot except the Terry Gilliam-esque ending is from inside the bunker, and we see representatives of the entire social structure in neatly contained portraits. Even time is compressed: it makes little sense for so many to be so devoted to the Ark after less than a year, in the absence of any other Christian teachings, it doesn’t make sense for the shelter to have a planned lifespan of only one year, and finally it doesn’t make sense for the entire plot to be contained in the span of about a day. These are conventional theatrical shortcuts which undermine the gravity of the material. A few more rounds of rewrites could have produced a major classic.

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