Shadow Star Narutaru (2003) IMDb


Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) date rapes Pokemon (1997).


Modern Japan. A number of children and young adults each acquire a ryuunoko (dragon child). The human keepers are able to control their supernatural creatures and have an influence on their development. A cute and happy girl makes friends and finds an adorable, puffy little creature to control. However, the extreme ideologies of many of the characters lead to clashes between different keepers and the military. Meticulously portrayed elements of gritty, dark horror take over.


Great storyline, preserving realism, although unfinished in this run of the anime. Peculiar but fairly effective character design. Some good music, some bad or poorly chosen. Manga-based, quite faithfully, which is why the anime cuts off suddenly.

References here: Hinamatsuri (2018).

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