The Dark Crystal (1982) IMDb


A fantasy adventure by Jim “The Muppets” Henson and Frank “Yoda” Oz, shot in real time with remarkably few post-production special effects, using puppets. The target audience is unclear: typical children’s-film elements are mixed with brilliantly executed scenes of soul extraction and other horrors.


Ten evil creatures rule from a dark fortress, while ten great mystics survive in exile, rehearsing half-remembered rituals for the day when a prophecy will be fulfilled and the world will end and begin, a thousand years after it chipped.


The technical imperfections are mostly endearing. The moral dichotomy, always the greatest flaw of fairy tales from my jaded adult perspective, is quite effectively undermined because, in the natural state of the universe, good and evil are united. The romantic sub-plot (love the mind-meld sequence!) is similarly shaken by the wonderful “Of course not.” Cute scenes of “ecology” too.

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