Tiger & Bunny (2011) IMDb


Superhero action. A slightly more sensible X-Men (2000).


In an layered art-deco New York uchronia called Sternbild (Constellation) City, superhumans fight crime while hiding their true identities. They're not on their own though. The logos of their “local” corporate sponsors are prominently displayed on their outfits, and a news helicopter follows them on every job. It's reality TV, with a point system for arriving early and capturing bad guys, and a seasonal awards show. There's even a school for young mutants who want to be Heroes too. Without all the performativity and spectacle, how would the public see all those people? On the other hand, what happens when you start to get a little too old for the superhero racket?


It's nowhere near Watchmen (2009), but it's nice to see adult main characters, and the basic concept is fresh and good. Mostly decent 3D CGI work. A whole lot of latent sexism: the initially strong females are shown as young and cute in private, while the gay male superhero never strays from his flamboyant okama stereotype. The commercial bumper is an in-universe Pepsi commercial.

Japanese production animation series