Tengen toppa gurren lagann (2007) IMDb


TV animation series. Gunbuster: Aim for the Top! (1988) for the 2000s.


A little boy who’s only good at digging holes (i.e. an anahori, normally a pejorative term) is inspired by a young man of ambition to leave his isolated underground village and embark upon a journey. In his way are bigger and bigger things.


Neither as technically accomplished as the studio’s previous hits, nor as psychologically oriented, but it’s no cop-out either. Solid light entertainment. The ending is easily worth the filler.

References here: Wakfu (2008), Kill La Kill (2013), “Sex & Violence with Machspeed” (2015).

animation fiction Gainax Japanese production moving picture series


My Gurren Is Shining! (2007)