Game of Thrones (2011) IMDb


Seen in 2017.

Seasons 1 through 7.


Having started reading Martin’s novels around 2000, and having stayed abreast as a casual fan, I appreciated all the big choices made with this series. It’s appropriately condensed, appropriately divergent and taken seriously enough as a project. It doesn’t capture the richness of Martin’s work at the lower levels of society, but nor does it go overboard into his teen angst wank for high fantasy superheroes like Daemon “🙄” Targaryen, despite being naturally focused on a limited cast who are all movers and shakers. There are moments of poor CGI, too few warm hats at the Wall, adult actors supposedly playing children, child characters like the awesome Missandei of the books replaced by adults to avoid that problem while adding extra breasts etc., but I can live with that. Having experienced the time before VOD, CGI and the popularization of Todorov’s literature of the marvelous gave enormous projects like this mainstream appeal and made them economically feasible, I’d feel foolish complaining.

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