Lensman (1984) IMDb


Hirokawa Kazuyuki (director), Kawajiri Yoshiaki (director).


Seen in 2013.

I saw the second (Streamline) English dub, and rewatched it cursively in 2016 after reading Gray Lensman (1939).


Some good graphical tentpole sequences and a whole lot of nonsense. The influence of Star Wars (1977) is apparent in the loose adaptation of E. E. Smith's serials. The hero, Kinnison, merges Luke Skywalker (backwater planet, doomed parent with hidden past) and the books' Clarissa Macdougal (a feisty redhead, though less of a smart aleck here than in Harmony Gold's version; both are unlike Smith's grimly dutiful Kinnison), while the film version of Macdougal wears her hair in one of Leia's two buns and seems to be modelled on Carrie Fisher. I also perceive an influence from Urusei Yatsura (1981): Van Buskirk and Bill the DJ, in particular, exhibit the same types of easily animated physical comedy. There are lots of dumpy-looking “generic” humanoid alien species, designed with little more seriousness than Wizards (1977), but Worsel looks cool, and the icky organic design of the Boskone fleets is a pretty good illustration of Smith's moralistic writing. The 3D CGI looks even worse than The Last Starfighter (1984), and there is thankfully less of it.

Japanese production animation movie