I’m Viktor Eikman. Elsewhere I seem to lead an adult life, usually programming, sometimes for its own sake.



Last created: Secrets of Sweden: Cthulhu Mythos resistance and acquiescence in Scandinavia - Jan. 16, 2022 Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Delta Green TRPG

Last touched: Fantasy with and without consistency: Separating fantasy fiction from fabulism - Feb. 19, 2021 Flag of Antigua and Barbuda

Random: 1817: I Spitalfields kokar man läder att äta - Feb. 22, 2012 Flag of Sweden Kerberos Club 2011–2014


Last created: “The Hollows Round His Eager Eyes” (1864/1865) poetry text

Random: “Hebrews” (ca. 80–90 CE) entry fiction text