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By rating

Bad. Not worth finishing for fun. 2129 items (24.7%).

Good on its merits or a nanar but I’d hesitate to revisit it. 3878 items (44.9%).

Very good or an especially endearing implosion like “Manos”. 2091 items (24.2%).

Great. Highly recommended if you care about anything it represents. 470 items (5.4%).

Punch of genius. A personal favourite. 61 items (0.7%).

A further 56 items are unrated: mostly containers.

By length

Specifically the length of the review text, not the runtime or word count of its subject.

Opinion only. Fewer than 20 characters. 2816 items (32.4%).

Very short. Fewer than 200 characters. 2297 items (26.4%).

Short. Fewer than 2000 characters. 3120 items (35.9%).

Full length. 2000+ characters. 450 items (5.2%).

By year of experience

4392 first acquaintances are too early to be dated.

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