Twin Cities By Night plays “Hoard”

Oh shit, why did I think of things?
— Tilmann repeats the mantra of every HPL protagonist

In 2020, the Twin Cities By Night TRPG podcast incorporated one of my Delta Green scenarios into a campaign. It was “Hoard”, an entry in the Delta Green Mailing List’s 2013 competition for short stand-alone work. The original text of the scenario is available here, with heavy spoilers.

Podbean URL Podcast episode Release date Runtime
Chapter 1 Link 448 2020-08-30 40
Chapter 2 Link 449 2020-09-02 64
Chapter 3 Link 450 2020-09-06 50

As written, the scenario is very much a sandbox with no obvious single point of entry or sequence of events, no elaborate set pieces and not much structure in general. It could do with another 500 words. As he GM’d it for the podcast, “Adam” went so far in his integration that the style is almost reversed. At times, he takes the shortcut of dictating the sole player character’s emotions.

“Adam” did a good job adding plausible detail, improvising and sewing the scenario into a larger ongoing plot around a single player, at a good pace. The first elements of my material do not appear until 26 minutes into the first chapter. The player, “Tilmann”, does very well, rejecting weapons and picking the gumshoe approach. The rules of the game—contemporary post-CoC DG—barely enter into it, and do no harm.

Author’s nitpicks: