Reviews of 3×3 Eyes (1991) and related work

3×3 Eyes (1991Moving picture, 110 minutes)

A boy who’s nearly killed by a sorceress’s familiar is granted eternal life in a way that restores him every time he is injured. Unfortunately for him, he still feels the pain. He accompanies the sorceress, who has a split personality problem, in a quest to make her human.
Gory demonic horror. I like the concept of immortality with the complication of pain. It’s used well here, though in the very long comic basis, Yakumo states that he does not really feel pain. Demons galore. Too bad the girl is such a deus ex machina.

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction

“Legend of the Divine Demon” (1995Moving picture, 45 minutes)

A somewhat hazy follow-up story wherein Pai has lost her memory, leading to metamorphosis for everybody.
I was annoyed by the sound of the villain’s laughter.

moving picture sequel animation Japanese production fiction