Reviews of Æon Flux (1991) and related work

Æon Flux (1991Moving picture, 5.8 hours)

In the far future, a mysterious woman aligned with the polity of Monica frequently finds the same man implicated at the core of her enigmatic tasks: her archist arch-enemy and fetishist lover.

Progressive SF on MTV’s Liquid Television block, independent from 1995. Apparently intended both to mock and to offer an alternative to traditional Aristotelian dramaturgy. Exposition is kept to a bare minimum, sometimes less, leaving much of the environment and plot in the dark. Causality and morality are cloudy. Alien music and peculiar design work create a very unusual atmosphere, where the heroine fails and dies as often as not. However, much of the character and world design is unappealing, the grotesque humour of more typical American “adult” cartoons exists here as well, and there is very little overarching plot.

References here: Blame (2003).

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction series

Æon Flux (2005Moving picture, 93 minutes)

moving picture remake fiction