Reviews of Amazing Nuts (2006) and related work

Amazing Nuts (2006)

Collection of 4 music videos created by the progressive Studio 4°C, a little over 13 minutes in total, in different styles. Similar to Sweat Punch (2002).

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture

“Glass Eye” (2006)

Unclear. A woman, possibly homeless and addicted to some hallucinogen, ponders a spinning white feather, and ruins are repaired as a vibrant modern city.

Unsuccessful CGI.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture music video

Global Astroliner Gou (2006)

A police officer built like a gorilla, and his three sidekicks, work amid the demihuman scum of a colourful metropolis.

Designed, to some extent, like a trailer for a cheap 1970s SF action flick, but mixing lots of other stuff in there. Good music, which also matches well.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture music video

Joe and Marilyn (2006)

An entertainer sings about two lovers, in front of an audience of assorted weird characters.

Poor character design.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture music video

Kung-Fu Love (2006)

Psychedelic short clips from a magical-girl story about someone with a yin-yang hairdo battling bad guys, crying, and smiling with her friends.

Looks like a more stylish cousin of Windy Tales (2004). The original title, Tatoe Kimi ga Sekaijuu no Teki ni Natte mo means roughly “If the whole world went against you”.

animation fiction Japanese production magical girl moving picture music video