Review of Apocalypse: World War I (2014)

Moving picture, 4.3 hours

Seen in 2018.

Seen with Swedish-language narration on SVT.

WW1 with a focus on the fighting, but with notes on the causes, consequences and cultures of the war.

Told mostly through contemporary documentary films, which are coloured and have added sound (mostly foley). This is done as well as it could be, with computer aid, to bring the period to life, but it limits the selection of material and thus forbids going to great depth.

Bizarrely, severe injuries and even dead bodies in the films are blurred. How can you air a series that has both “apocalypse” and “World War I” in the title, and not show bodies? The historiography is nothing special, but there is some music by Kawai Kenji, repurposed from the directors’ previous production, Apocalypse: The Second World War (2009).

References here: They Shall Not Grow Old (2018).

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