Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) IMDb


Cult-object critique of Hollywood and the campy melodramas of the era. It is a pastiche of the already trashy Valley of the Dolls (whose title refers to narcotics), co-written by Roger Ebert.


Three girls have a rock band and take it to Hollywood, where success is nearly instant and there’s always a twisted party going on, with a snuggling couple in every room. Everybody gets a melodramatic subplot and the finale makes brilliant use of 20th Century Fox’s fanfare jingle. A narrator hammers in the traditional moral lesson, in case you missed it for all the tits, ass and blood.


Fox bosses apparently thought they could throw some money at indie sleazer Russ Meyer and get away clean with the profits. Meyer completed his two-film contract the following year. It wasn’t renewed.

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