Review of Bin och människor: Om bin och biskötare i religion, revolution och evolution samt många andra bisaker (2019)


Lotte Möller (writer).

Read in 2021.

A pretty book, trendy, fun to browse and well researched in relation to its size, but inadequately judgemental. Möller repeatedly brings up various forms of bullshit, including Christian theology and anthroposophy. She notes sarcastically that secular experts on beekeeping, who succeeded the theologists, were less interested in the smells of human sex. She makes it clear how Rudolf Steiner is generally regarded by such experts, but she herself does not state the conclusion that he was wrong. Similarly, her list of traditional cures for bee stings is just that: A list, not a table. There is no advice on what works or why. This is a conscious stylistic choice and a bad one.

text non-fiction