Reviews of Black God, White Devil (1964) and related work

Black God, White Devil (1964) IMDb

Seen in 2017.

Cults and robbers on the dry sertão.

Brechtian, but not boring. The general level of filmmaking craft is high, as I’d expect from a “third cinema” classic. Antonio das Mortes in particular is a surprisingly charismatic superhero, but the Christian themes, albeit pleasantly muddled, are still overbearing.

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Antonio das Mortes (1969) IMDb

Seen in 2016.

As advertised, another successful application of Brecht, again with good folk music and occasionally pleasant scenery. One of Rosa’s banners is distractingly reminiscent of middle-school “anime-style” fan art: A poorly proportioned girl with wings, a short skirt and a sword, fighting a dragon.

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