Review of Brass Eye (1997/2001)

Moving picture, 150 minutes

Animals! Drugs! Science! Sex! Crime! Decline! And in a new episode added for the 2001 re-airing, paedophilia!

Not quite a pastiche (try Richard Dyer’s Pastiche) of demonizing, sensationalist documentaries on contemporary social ills. Real celebrities, as well as a member of Parliament, are tricked into voicing their support for fake campaigns against all manner of phantoms. Madly paced and very intelligent, with actual production values and fine non sequiturs. Presumably even better if you know anything about the people they trick.

References here: The Daily Show (1996), Black Mirror (2011), The Break (2018), Death to 2020 (2020), Cunk on Earth (2022).

moving picture fiction series