Review of “Chile: A Wild Journey — The Special” (2017)

Moving picture, 60 minutes

Seen in 2020.

I saw a one-hour film on SVT with English-language narration. Judging by that narration and the copyright year, this seems to have been derived from director Christián Muñoz-Donoso’s 2017 series Wild Chile, but is not his 2018 series by the same name. The title card reads only “CHILE a WILD JOURNEY”.

Pincoya storm petrels hover with their feet beneath the water to lure plankton. Adorable and threatened piuché (vampire bats) hang out in distant caves. Rotund degus wisely await the fall of the Roman cassie tree’s hard seed pods. “Two-spotted lizards” eat whole flowers instead of their normal diet of insects.

Possibly a highlight reel, but a good one. Very good selections, photography and editing.

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