Reviews of Comic Party (2001) and related work

Comic Party (2001Moving picture, 7 hours)

Modern Tokyo. A normal guy in an “escalator” high school (guaranteed entry to the local college) tries his hand at amateur comics, encouraged by a dramatically megalomaniacal geek. He meets/estranges standard bishōjo.

Fandom-centric bishōjo, making heavy allusions and references to the same company’s more successful To Heart (1999). Some elements of artistic chronicle, coming of age, comedy (some deformation) and tragedy. Conspicuously void of porn.

There’s an interesting down-turn centerpiece: The protagonist designs a doujinshi containing all the popular stereotypes, and is crushed to realize that such pandering schlock does not sell, despite the fact that Comic Party’s own characters are based almost entirely on stereotypes. The whole thing is very shallow, but passable if you don’t give it your full attention. As a description of fandom, it is inferior to Otaku no video (1991).

The bonus material is better than the show: In a non-canonical side story parodying pulp adventure, Taishi finds a miniature stone Multi, which is the android from To Heart. By touching it, he triggers a dungeon trek that uncovers the startling origins of civilization itself, Lovecraft-style.

References here: Genshiken (2004).

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Comic Party: Revolution (2003Moving picture)

More static, centered on one or two girls per episode without coherent plot. New characters from a revised edition of the original game are featured.

OVA with some additional girls and altered character designs. Not to be confused with the 2005 TV series by the same name. This one finds a good form in the middle, but loses it again. The new designs are only a marginal improvement.

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