Crimes of Fashion (2004) IMDb


Romantic comedy for children and the dumb. Modern camp.


A downtrodden normal (here: blond, white, pretty, talented) girl with glamorous hopes and dreams is attending a “Fashion University”, where she has a vicious (dark-haired, lying, cheating) rival and two supportive friends (one chubby, one black). She is suddenly appointed boss of a mafia lineage that has “almost gone legit”, so nothing illegal is required; it turns out the family’s business is fake designer clothes sewn by equitably treated American workers.

A shallow(!) initial love interest is replaced by a sweet and goofy i.e. true love interest: a cop who enrolls at the university to spy on the new boss, who is presumed guilty, especially after a tabloid picks up the story and she becomes the most popular and successful girl in school. Oh, and she’s a feminist, so she doesn’t want to be called anything but a girl.


Profoundly objectionable no matter what its target audience, hence tolerable.

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