Reviews of Det vilda Skandinavien (2014) and related work

Det vilda Skandinavien (2014)

Seen in 2019.

Seen with Swedish-language narration on SVT.

Camera-shy Scandinavian fauna, particularly in Norway. Three episodes treat the forests, the mountains and the coasts, in that order.

There is a fight between two heather cocks (tjädertuppar) in the first episode that has some truly amazing plot twists: An eagle strikes one of the combatants, pinning it. While it’s dying, the other cock starts fighting the eagle. The eagle looks at the heather cock as if to say “I am an apex predator you idiot” but is very patient until it finally strikes the second cock too. That’s just amateur footage spliced into the professional documentary, which is a good thing.

moving picture nature non-fiction series

Så gjordes serien (2014)

Seen in 2019.


moving picture non-fiction series