Review of DT Eightron (1998)

Moving picture

Catastrophic global warming caused most living things to lose a property called DT, rendering them unable to live in the deserts outside their great, emotionless dome society of the late 22nd century.

Post-apocalypse SF placing the ideas of THX-1138 (1971/2004) in shōnen. There are faint elements of cyberpunk and superheroes, both tied to an ambiguously gendered child hacker like Ed in Cowboy Bebop (1998) but named Dolly. Dolly is friends with a guy named Ein, like the dog in Cowboy Bebop. Anyway, the main character isn’t Dolly, it’s the kind of bland Ikari Shinji wannabe who thinks it must be sad to become data. That is the level of SF writing on display. General mediocrity is combined with a number of major fallacies: Information here is not material, and people maintain a complex society without emotion. Several holodeck scenarios are used for filler, but Eightron’s design and voice are probably the silliest aspects.

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