Reviews of Faust, Part One (1808) and related work

Faust, Part One (1808Text)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer).

References here: Eric (1990).

text fiction play

Faust (1926Moving picture, 85 minutes)

Seriously damaged by the slow second act and the whole shift towards love. Very good props and architecture.

moving picture same source material fiction

Faust (1994Moving picture, 97 minutes)

moving picture same source material animation fiction

“Lights & Shadows” (2020Moving picture, 11 minutes)

Seen in 2020.

Seen at the world premiere in a sold-out little Haga 2, GIFF 2020, with animator-director-professor Rastko Ciric present to introduce the work.

The rewards of Mephistopheles.

Wholly digital, with dozens of prominent artifacts of the raster-graphics drawing process. More cleanup would have been nice. Midhat Ajanovic, the film-studies PhD who introduced Ciric, interpreted the film to be about the origins of animation in Lichtspielhallen, before the medium of film was invented. It is a nice meditation on that tradition, as well as the unboxing-style first-person POV.

moving picture same source material fiction