Reviews of Fight! Iczer-1 (1985) and related work

Fight! Iczer-1 (1985Moving picture, 100 minutes)

A regular girl on Earth is chosen to be a mecha co-pilot. She hates and fears this responsibility, but is forced into it when lesbians have her parents murdered and replaced by hideous Lovecraftian lifeforms as the planet is invaded and laid to waste. The girl’s anguish feeds her machine.

Bold action and body horror on a dark backdrop, where all protagonists and most other characters are female. As in Space Runaway Ideon (1980), primal emotion is put through an id machine. The alien enemy operates out of a spaceship that looks like a half-eaten moon and bears the name Cthulhu (in one possible transcription), in a world where a kindergartener can be subjected to a panty shot. Sleaze and schlock cranked up to 11, with an unusual backbone of childish nightmares.

References here: Gall Force: Eternal Story (1986), Bubblegum Crisis (1987), Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995).

moving picture animation Japanese production mecha fiction

Bouken! Iczer 3 (1990Moving picture, 3.0 hours)

Nagisa’s grandchild survives a new assault on Earth. She meets Iczer-3, a “sister” sent by a wounded Iczer-1, and a total stranger to malice. The new Iczer doesn’t quite understand the war, but appreciates nature and fights for the remnants of humankind, befriending some of her enemies.

A move away from horror, towards cute drama and more traditional superhero/mecha action. Hair and shiny eyes galore. Iczer-3 is played by Cutey Suzuki, a gravure idol whose incompetent monotone is appropriate for the construct. The “The Princess Who Loved Insects” (ca. 1250) theme is also quite good, but peripheral.

moving picture sequel animation Japanese production mecha fiction series