Review of Hasse & Tage – en kärlekshistoria (2019)

Moving picture, 3.0 hours

Seen in 2020.

I saw the miniseries on SVT, not the feature-film version.

The legacy, friendship and political activism of the duo Hasseåtage, that is Hasse Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson.

I understand the feature-film version is structured quite differently, and not so well. Still, this version is mostly short clips and celebration by other celebrities, which is tiresome. Even Tage’s staunch and irrational opposition to nuclear power stands completely uncontradicted as a triumph of “humanism” and bold satire, and the idea of Hasseåtage carrying folkhemmet is offered with a straight face. Kalle Lind’s own long-form interviews for Snedtänkt are a lot more informative than his comments as a guest on this show. Michael Lindgren is more immediately useful: the non-fan who gets to point out the effect of debuting in a media monopoly.

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