Review of He Is My Master (2005)

Moving picture, 5.0 hours

Two sisters in middle school have run away from home to protect their unusual pet. Their need to find a place to stay coincides with a rich orphan geek’s desire for attractive maids in his gigantic estate.

TV animation series. Hebephilic risqué comedy, though more subtly so than Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden (2001) or This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (2004). Like the latter, He Is My Master was co-produced with Shaft and directed by Saeki Shouji.

Undeniably bad on many levels: Grotesquely bourgeois, horribly sexist, flat characters and boring sitcom writing. The main point of interest is the comic foolishness of pursuing these geeky dreams, centered on a stable straight man (girl). The T&A is thankfully limited, helping a desperate aficionado like myself entertain the fiction that it is not another This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. Based on a comic and fairly faithful to it: its makers are cast as gods.

moving picture Gainax Japanese production animation fiction series