Review of Hellsing (2001)

Moving picture, 5.0 hours

This exact concept has been done a thousand times: An innocent SWAT girl is born to darkness by an ancient vampire lord who’s also a part-time shoggoth in service to van Helsing’s granddaughter. Sir Integral Hellsing is the granddaughter’s title and full name, and she often says “May God and Her Majesty the Queen bless you.” Yawn.

Stylized modern-day vampire action with references to Stoker, Lovecraft and Dune (1965). Mostly generic action-vampire stuff with a high-tech edge and some serious worship of firearms and Britain.

Great first and last episodes. Mediocre in between. Good music, especially the intro which sounds just like English and is not. Based on a comic.

References here: Abenobashi Magical Shopping District (2002).

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction series