Review of Hotel Room (1993)

Moving picture, 90 minutes

David Lynch (director).

In “Tricks”, a man brings a hooker to the hotel and pays her, but then a second man enters the room. They mostly tell each other anecdotes until the police takes one or more of them away. In “Blackout”, two lovers are in town to see a specialist for the girl’s mental problems. The hotel is blacked out because of a storm. Very little happens except the conversation of the two, by candlelight, where the girl’s surreal memories are eventually given something like a basis in fact.

Lynch did the first and third parts of this three-part “collection” of half-hour cable TV shorts. All three parts take place in the same hotel room, separated by about 30 years. The ageless bellboy is not quite, but almost, Kyle MacLachlan. There’s a maximum amount of meandering and subplots in the limited space available, but Hotel Room is excellent if you’re looking for the Lynch mood. The soundtrack is similar to that of Twin Peaks (1990).

moving picture fiction series