I manegen med Glenn Killing (1992) and related work:

I manegen med Glenn Killing (1992) IMDb

Some gold nuggets here, but it’s usually more awkward than funny. The troupe behind this were just getting started. At the height of their productivity, they reportedly could not tell whether one another’s purported skit pitches were merely jokes in and of themselves.

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NileCity 105.6 (1995) IMDb

My favourite skit is the time-motion study man who visits the fire station in the episode called “Vuxna män gör saker tillsammans”.

References here: “Ben & Gunnar – en liten film om manlig vänskap” (1999).

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Percy tårar (1996) IMDb

Deliciously dark comedy, leading the way to “Torsk på Tallinn – en liten film om ensamhet” (1999).

References here: Riget (1994).

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