Review of I rök och dans (1954)

Moving picture, 102 minutes

Seen in 2017.

A parody of the moviegoing experience, like “Bosko’s Picture Show” (1933). Coming attractions, an abbreviated short film, and Martin Ljung’s attempts to produce a main feature, which is itself the main feature. After he’s fired we get the life of a put-upon public servant who affiliates himself with long-dead Charles XII of Sweden, and then a pastoral romance.

Sketch comedy. The first film by the Knäppupp project, hence with a couple of Povel Ramel musical sequences.

It begins as if to prefigure ZAZ and then loses speed, unlike The Nuthouse (1951). The jokes are uneven; perhaps the best is the one nude scene captioned “För export”, mocking the international success of Summer with Monika (1953).

References here: Barnvagnen (1963).

moving picture fiction