Review of Innafor (2017)

Moving picture

Seen in 2018.

Review refers to the first season.

Emma Clare participatorily investigates youth trends: Genital cosmetic surgery, sugar-daddy dating, smart drugs and oversharing about mental illness.

A Norwegian youth-culture Louis Theroux, so utterly obsessed with social media that the host’s meme post about how happy she was to get the job is cut into the opening credits. Selfie videos are predictably overused in this professional NRK production: they are sometimes used even when a real camera operator is right there in the room filming something else. Hence the title, I suppose: shitty production values and self-obsession have come to be associated with authenticity. The topics are interesting enough but the constant focus on the host’s emotional reaction is tiresome, and oddly, in the episode on genital cosmetic surgery, not one word is spoken about male genitals.

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