Reviews of Jackass (2000) and related work

Jackass (2000Moving picture, 9 hours)

moving picture non-fiction series

Jackass: The Movie (2002Moving picture, 87 minutes)

moving picture sequel non-fiction

Jackass Number Two (2006Moving picture, 92 minutes)

moving picture sequel non-fiction

‣‣ Jackass 2.5 (2007Moving picture, 64 minutes)

Seen in 2013.

They cut out the right stuff, shown here with a lot of the behind-the-scenes malice, which I have to assume happens on heavier drugs than Xanax. The charm the show held for me at 20 is gone at 30, or the performers just got washed up. Either way, good riddance to those hormones.

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Jackass 3 (2010Moving picture, 94 minutes)

Seen in 2022.

Seen in 2D.

The end credits are built for nostalgia, which is odd. This one was shot while Steve-O was in rehab and released eight months before the death of Ryan Dunn. Jackass 3 had the potential to bookend the series, but I did not feel nostalgia. Some sequences are impressively staged and shot (the gorilla and the poo cocktail) while others at least manage a strong sense of carnival presence (the sweatsuit cocktail, the bar fight), but the camaraderie feels more forced than the malice.

moving picture sequel non-fiction