Reviews of Kanon (2002) and related work

Kanon (2002Moving picture, 5.0 hours)

A boy returns to a winter city in Japan after a seven-year absence. He enters high school and meets various girls, many of whom seem somehow connected to the boy, who does not remember their past meetings.

A romantic drama, of the tragic strain of supernatural non-haram harem bishōjo, based on a game. The character design is bad, the acting is good and much of the tragedy is reasonably well done. Bittersweet coziness with a lot of love.

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction series

“Kanon Kazahana” (2003Moving picture, 21 minutes)

A follow-up episode featuring all the girls, including Makoto, demonstrating that the bitter sweetness of the original is in many ways hollow.

More up-beat. The title apparently refers to snow brought by spring winds.

moving picture sequel animation Japanese production fiction