Review of Key and Peele (2012)

Moving picture, 11 hours

Seen in 2016.

Review refers to the first three seasons.

Sketch comedy. Favourite bits: The D&D game of season 1, episode 4; the duel of the magical negroes of episode 5; “My Best Friend” of episode 8; the slow motion cold opening of season 2, episode 1; Charlie Sanders in that episode; the East/West College Bowl rosters starting with season 2, episode 2; “The Future” of episode 10; dealing with Adversity and the Miami Vice (1984) skit, both in season 3, episode 4; the T PSA and hard target roast (“I can take it”) of episode 6; the camping trip opening of episode 9; the Call of Cthulhu-style pawn shop visit of episode 11; and finally the cold opening of episode 13, the season 3 closer, which perfectly encapsulates the show: Varied and careful stylistic emulation from all across the media landscape, an intelligent angle on American folkways and identity politics including racism, and a delicious curve of deliberate bathos.

References here: Get Out (2017).

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