Kill La Kill (2013) IMDb


Seen in 2014.


Fabric-softened SF action.

The first major work of Trigger, branched off from Gainax, where director Imaishi and writer Nakashima both worked on Tengen toppa gurren lagann (2007), a show that exaggerates mecha conventions. Kill la Kill similarly exaggerates the shounen tournament flavour of school drama. The two are very similar in tone and overarching plot.


At a gigantic school in the middle of Tokyo Bay, one delinquent seeks to avenge the death of her father, a man who believed that clothing is a virus.


The energy level here is even higher than Gurren-Lagann, full of wild incidental detail. I like the idea of the fashion industry being dominated by interstellar evil, but I have yet to make the show—or myself—sound good to anyone by saying so. Gratuitously sexualized character designs and situations afflict both sexes.

References here: “Sex & Violence with Machspeed” (2015).

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