Review of “Kungstorgsockupationen” (1976)

Moving picture, 40 minutes

Seen in 2017.

Seen at GIFF 2017, as part of that year’s edition of the Göteborgsepoker retrospective.

The occupation of Kungstorget, Gothenburg, by activists. November 1976.

Partisan direct cinema. I’m not sure it actually came out in 1976; presumably it had no commercial distribution whatsoever. I can’t find it at SFI, Filmtipset or IMDb. The title card is centered on a cartoon fist. The cinematography is unremarkable but as a document of pervasive 1970s activism it’s admirable in its honesty, albeit brief. Shortly after the occupiers arrive in the early morning, the narrator admits they have no plan. 40 years later the idea of a subterranean garage in the area is once again current, with no comparable level of citizen engagement.

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