Review of Live Earth (2007)

Moving picture, 24 hours

Review applies to the Swedish version. I didn’t see the whole thing; it has a lot of redundancy built in for casual viewers.

150 fairly big-name artists including Spinal Tap, and a small Antarctic band, performing live music in between local studio interview segments and a number of short films. Pointers on how to reduce household energy use etc. are peppered throughout.

A vast musical fundraising marathon, like Live Aid 22 years earlier, but 24 hours long and global. Supposedly watched by 2 billion people. The stated purpose of this one is to raise awareness of global warming.

One of Al Gore’s greatest moments as the popular peripeteic Christ to Bush’s Antichrist, literally out to “save the world”. Criticism of capitalism and the whole idea of using a lot of energy to power overwhelmingly non-topical pop music are mostly limited to the localized segments, but that diversity is nonetheless a noteworthy merit.

moving picture non-fiction Japanese production