Mai-Hime (2004) IMDb


Magical girl action.


A large school in modern Japan is secretly a battleground where twelve girls with special weapons control godlike beasts. If a girl should lose a fight, the person dearest to her will vanish. The other prophecies and rules of a three-hundred-year cycle of apocalyptic battles are detailed, and troubled love fuels a downward spiral.


Some good creature design, some very silly. Nice comedy, less effective dark stuff cancelled by a final reversal.

A note on the original title: mai means “dance” but can be read as a transcription of the English “my” and is also the name of the main character. Hime means “noble young woman” but also functions as an abbreviation of the English “Highly-advanced materializing equipment”. The combination, maihime, can itself mean “temple dance”.

References here: Blazing Transfer Student (1991).

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