Review of Människa och miljö: Om ekologi, ekonomi och politik (1995)


Hans Strandberg (editor), Bert Bolin (writer), Karl-Göran Mäler (writer), Katrin Hallman (writer), Lars J. Lundgren (writer), Lars Kristofferson (writer), Måns Lönnroth (writer), Arne Jernelöv (writer), Peter Larsson (writer).

Read in 2017.

A multi-disciplinary overview. The history, economics, regulation and science of environmental problems, with a strong focus on Sweden.

The contents are quite dated—for example, the EU emissions market is merely anticipated here—and some of the personal profiles etc. seem largely irrelevant except to illustrate that all work requires individuals, and they all have their quirks. The saving grace of the book is its breadth of academic disciplines; it is evident that the authors felt they had to throw out the jargon and openly state the assumptions and limits of their various fields, which allows them to complement one another.

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