Reviews of Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (2012) and related work

Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (2012Moving picture)

Seen in 2017.

History from below. I would have liked to see the same approach to a rough chronology of the kingdom onwards.

References here: Immortal Egypt (2016).

moving picture non-fiction series

Caligula with Mary Beard (2013Moving picture)

Seen in 2018.

Emperor Bootykins.

moving picture spin-off non-fiction

Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit (2016Moving picture, 4.0 hours)

Seen in 2018.

People of the Roman empire: new and old, rich and poor.

The second episode, on mining and other far-flung industries, and on slavery and Hadrian’s villa, is aided by a structure that seems meandering but expands particularly beautifully on the theme of “people’s history”. “We can’t ignore”, says Beard in the third episode, “that all this was bought at the price of violent conquest.” In that third episode, Beard lies down on the floor to get the same view of a statue of Emperor Tiberius conquering personified Britannia as the people of Aphrodisias would have had. Britannia the character literally began as a victim of colonialism. Fine work.

moving picture spin-off non-fiction series