Reviews of Men in Black (1997) and related work

Men in Black (1997Moving picture, 98 minutes)

A contemporary New York cop sees some weird stuff and gets inducted into a secret organization which monitors and polices alien tourists and expatriates on the planet. The ex-cop is trained by the galaxy’s most feared human, and as usual, a grave threat descends.

SF action comedy, occasionally gruesome. A less zany The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) with proper special effects. Some serious dramaturgical problems.

References here: Level E (2011).

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Men in Black II (2002Moving picture, 88 minutes)

Agent J, a veteran, can’t find a decent partner, and the thankless loneliness of the job is depressing him. A mistake in K’s forgotten service leads to another threat against the Earth.

Similar dramaturgical flaws (now even in the humour) and dumber comedy. The public is even more pacific in the face of even more obvious weirdness. Cheesier, but still nice. Alas, no pathologist, though her replacement is sweet.

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