Nandarou (1992)


Miyazaki Hayao (director).


Advertisement. Illustration of the new logo of Nippon Terebi (“Japanese TV”, named before commercial diversification), for the channel’s 40th anniversary.


A green squid performs stunts of self-reproduction, absorption, transformation, rotation and consumption around or with the “40th Nippon Terebi” text, under a sentence that translates as “I am there, inside all of you”. It also attacks a major city at Godzilla scale, behind a banner reading “We love CINEMA”. Its name, Nandarou, implies nobody knows what it is.


Nothing special, but Miyazaki’s handiwork is worthwhile. A susu-watari cameos.

References here: “Sky-Coloured Seed” (1992).

animation fiction Ghibli Japanese production moving picture