Review of “Nurse Witch Komugi” (2002)

Moving picture, 25 minutes

A cosplay star who’s also a magical girl does nothing out of the ordinary, for someone like that.

Parody. Apparently a spin-off from the lousy The SoulTaker (2001). There is also a short Komugi Daisakusen series made as bonus material, which is funnier than this. Conceptually similar to All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku-Nuku (1992), but heavier on the meta, visually more advanced, and dirtier. It refers to Comiket and copypasta before these had permeated (Western) anime fandom. Poor pacing. It helps to be able to discern Komugi’s adorable speech impediments. The last word of the original title is apparently a mix between “magical” and “karte” (medical chart) mangled through Japanese, with the te set as hiragana, indicating a pun: “You call this magic?”

moving picture animation Japanese production fiction magical girl