Review of Picassos äventyr (1978)

The life of Pablo Picasso, including the seldom remembered time when his father, holding the rank of Hauptbahnhof in the Wehrmacht, failed to spot a war refugee whom Picasso had helped conceal as a soldier joining the search party to look for himself upon entering Picasso’s apartment.

A surreal comedy with some dark and socialist tones, representative of its creators, the duo Hasseåtage. As a biopic, it is overtly untrue. Some ingredients of this paradoxically good film:

It’s gleeful and cozy. A lot of scenes are strong on an individual, episodic basis, though not as a unit. I believe it would have been funnier if Picasso had been shown as the asshole he was.

References here: Pom Poko (1994), Life Is Beautiful (1997), “I huvet på Per Åhlin” (2019).

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