Read or Die (2001) and related work:

Read or Die (2001) IMDb

The Special Ops Division of the British Library saves the world.

Superhero action, comedy, tragedy, romance, horror, hell who knows. Clichés, steampunk and bizarre powers. Very stylish. Great fun watching in a group. Suitable for literature-loving US detractors.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture series

R.O.D the TV (2003) IMDb

Strongly tied to the original in a fairly non-standard way. Starts off with a whole different set of people. World saved.

Superhero action and drama. Especially before the original gallery surfaces, there are several episodes of quirky characters interacting in interesting, largely everyday ways, which is the most enjoyable part of the series. The many bizarre paper-based showdowns to good music (resulting in the sinking of Hong Kong mid-series) are also nice. Unfortunately never deep enough to stick, and the animation is generally sub-standard.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture series