Review of Renkin 3-kyuu Magical? Pokahn (2006)

Moving picture

Four creatures of horror (werewolf, black-arts magician, vampire and artificial human) spend about a year in the human world. Instead of preying upon the weak and being evil, they dream of perfect boyfriends and get fooled by commercials. The media eventually learn of their existence, but quickly lose interest.

Bishoujo comedy. Thoroughly generic, but well executed. The main character dies in one episode and spends the next one in Hell, but that’s normal by anime standards. Note on the original title: renkin is “alchemy”, san-kyuu means “third class ” (i.e. unskilled) but sounds like “thank you” (a youthful thing for Japanese to say in English), and pokaan is a sound effect, probably implying inarticulate childlike wonder at some sudden flash of magic, as well as relaxation.

animation fiction Japanese production moving picture series